Kids Play

Hours of fun that helps develop spatial and geometry skills in children of all ages. Your cardboard cubby house is produced using 100% recycled B-Flute that kids can draw on and colour in unleashing creativity and imagination.

Oliphan for kids

Gift cards

An Oliphan gift card will be delivered to you complete in an elegant slip case box befitting every occasion.

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Concierge Service

Step 1:  Select the product you want designed.

Step 2:  Upload the photos you want us to create your masterpiece with.

Step 3:  Make payment for the design. You can pay for the album once you are happy with the design.

Concierge Service

What's next?

Within 48 hours of placing your order Oliphan will send you a link to your album. 

You will be able to make adjustments, make final payment and submit your album for us to craft.

Concierge Service